April 20, 2012

I’m not often one for pouring out my feelings for the entire internet to see, however…

fuck. my. life. 

I’m sick of binging, sick of exercising until it hurts, sick of the goddam gym, sick of my muscles being so stiff and sore that I can’t move. I’m sick of starvation, sick of being snappy and irritable and cold, and light headed, and sensitive. I’m sick of FEELING sick, of having a headache, being bloated, puffy, tired, unable to sleep. 

I’m sick of not being in control of any of this, I’m sick of feeling trapped and scared and hopeless and most of all, I’m sick of feeling fat and greedy and ugly and stupid and guilty. 

I’m sick of second guessing every nice thing anyone ever does or says to or for me. I’m sick of being paranoid that secretly everyone hates me, I’m sick of crying and yelling and stamping my feet and jumping up and down in frustration. I’m sick of myself. I’m sick of attention seeking, I’m sick of trying to hide, I’m sick of lying, I’m sick of saying too much, not saying enough. I’m sick of worrying people, I’m sick of people not noticing. 

Basically I’m just sick.

December 5, 2011
Women and our f****d society…

I’m about to  get on my high horse here, because society is pissing me right off at the moment. All day, everyday we are bombarded with images of women. In magazines, on the TV, in movies, Advertising campaigns, Shop dummies, the catwalk. EVERYWHERE we look, we see the ideal woman shown to be skinny, with little to no curves, a boyish frame, preferably somewhere between a British size 4 (US 0) and a size 8.

The fact is though, that in order to be that size zero, you almost certainly need to have a BMI which classifies you as anorexic. Given that people with Anorexia are a serious concern for the NHS due to the dangerously low weight they maintain, size zero can hardly be claimed to be healthy.

Let’s take a little trip back in time…

1950… the women modelling clothing were typically a size 10 or 12. Go much smaller, and you were considered “skinny” and that was bad news back then…

Yes, this advert is to help women GAIN weight.

Let’s go back a little further…

I know this picture is overused, but it portrays the idea of the “perfect woman in the 1400s - BEFORE the idea of dieting was planted in women’s minds. This image shows women as they were intended to be - with curves. NO, I know not EVERY woman is naturally curvy, and that’s fine, but women ARE designed to have hips and boobs, its a SURVIVAL thing, people.

That “fat” stomach you have? You know, the one which won’t look like Britney spears’ 10 years ago no matter how many sit ups you do? Guess what? It won’t go flat because it is there to protect your womb - the thing which you require in order to continue human life.

Here’s something else useful to know - men are HARDWIRED (generally speaking) to find curvy women attractive. curves, somewhere in the primeval part of the male brain = health and health = a good partner to pro-create with. If you were scrawny and underweight 500 years ago, you were probably about to drop down dead of some vile illness, malnutrition, or you wouldn’t survive pregnancy. Why mate with someone who is unable to carry and then raise your offspring? defies the point of life - to continue the cycle.

So, why is thin in then?

Let’s look at our society. Celebrities are the new aristocracy. Remember how the richest people were palest in the Elizabethan times? And how people used to “whiten” their faces to appear more pale and therefore richer? This is, essentially the same.

Celebrities are desirable, rich, popular and admired. They can also afford the dietitians, personal trainers, and the TIME to be thin. On some level, the feeling is, if you can LOOK like societies most admired people, maybe you WILL be admired as much as them. Yes, its shallow, no it’s not ALL there is to it, and OK, not everyone feels that way. However, it IS a big part of our problem today.

how many people do you meet on a day to day basis who are a size 0? Chances are, not many. Your average British woman is a size 14 - 16. 50 years ago she was a size 12- 14. This surely sends us a clear message? Most of us just are NOT designed to be super skinny, so why do we torture ourselves to achieve it?


Let’s bring healthy back.

October 11, 2011
All these girls


trying to lose all this weight that they don’t need to in attempt to feel better about what they see in the mirror. STOP. Skinny is not beautiful. YOU are beautiful. Realize it and smile.

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October 4, 2011
you’re pro ana?

you’re pro starvation

you’re pro debilitating mental illness

pro lonely

pro suicidal

pro hurting friends and family

pro missing out on lifes big opportunities

pro ultimate death

pro LETTING others do all this.

What a thing to support, when there are children dying, people on the streets, third world countries where they have no choice but to starve, forced marriages, genocide, war, domestic abuse, rape, animals being mistreated.

you could be pro freedom, pro choice, pro life, pro recovery, pro medicine, pre fucking hunting for all I care.

but no… YOU choose pro ana.

what a world.

October 4, 2011
Someone tell me why I want to restrict so badly today…

I’ve had a brilliant few days. I’ve been to a new city, paddled in the sea, driven down beautiful country roads, tried on wedding dresses, and just been generally a bit silly and happy.

So WHY is the idea of starvation so appealing? WHY is it suddenly the most important thing in the world to exist on carefully weighed ready brek made with water and that very low cal salad you can get in Boots? 

It’s not because I gained a lb - I only weighed because the idea of restriction was already there. 

I can say I enjoy it. I enjoy the control, the time it takes, the buzz at bedtime when I’ve done it…


Actually, I know that’s not true - I just don’t seem to be able to listen to myself.

 It’s like… punishment for being happy…

August 5, 2011
Eating Disorder Recovery: Eating Disorders- A Guide to Coping Strategies


To Improve Body Image

  • Put away your scale.
  • Laugh it off.
  • Dress to feel comfortable.
  • Draw attention to parts of your body you are proud of.
  • Walk proud.
  • Put away your skinny clothes.
  • Start the morning with good grooming.
  • Recognize that your thinking about your body may be distorted.

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August 4, 2011

Every female in the world, needs to read this! I love it :-)


Every female in the world, needs to read this! I love it :-)

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July 31, 2011

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July 31, 2011

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July 11, 2011
My scales :P

My scales :P

July 11, 2011

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Submitted by: alwayshashope

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July 10, 2011

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July 9, 2011



I want one of these O_O

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July 9, 2011
free as a birdie: it's ok.


It’s ok to feel like you can’t be bothered.
It’s ok to be angry for no apparant reason.
It’s ok to eat just because you are bored.
It’s ok to feel invisible.
It’s ok to get it wrong.
It’s ok to say something you’ll later regret.
It’s ok to make mistakes.
It’s ok to make the same mistake twice.

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