August 25, 2012

tonight 7pm UK time. 

got it?

If you aren’t already a member, tonight would be an awesome chance to come and get to know us.

 Wonderful Support for people with eating disorders.

December 29, 2011 is one year old on the 30th!!

12 months of pro recovery support, come wish us a happy birthday!!!!

October 4, 2011
you’re pro ana?

you’re pro starvation

you’re pro debilitating mental illness

pro lonely

pro suicidal

pro hurting friends and family

pro missing out on lifes big opportunities

pro ultimate death

pro LETTING others do all this.

What a thing to support, when there are children dying, people on the streets, third world countries where they have no choice but to starve, forced marriages, genocide, war, domestic abuse, rape, animals being mistreated.

you could be pro freedom, pro choice, pro life, pro recovery, pro medicine, pre fucking hunting for all I care.

but no… YOU choose pro ana.

what a world.

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